AVANT-GARDE Italian darkwave band since 1994

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Upcoming gigs

02/03/2018 – Rome @ Wishlist – with Red Zebra

14/04/18 Dark Entries live Show @Traffic — Rome

12/05/18 live @Embobineuse — Marseille (France)

20/05/2018 Alessio DJ set @WhenWeWereYoung (WGT 2018) — Leipzig (Germany)

!​!​New release​!​!

“Dove Solo Tu Vorrai EP” – MD77

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This EP is the result of years of friendship and collaborations between Avant-Garde and some of the artists from Rome who have crossed their path. 

It should have been a full-length album for sure instead of an EP. 

At the end, the chosen tracks are the one from the very first and one from the latest studio releases, to cover the whole Avant-Garde career.

These versions are simply how these songs would sound if they were arranged and produced by relative artists in their own visions.

click here for free download